Cheaters Hate This New Website
-Here's Why

Cheaters Hate This New Website
-Here's Why


Author: Heidi R., RPL Content Writer

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Ever wonder who your man is texting when you’re not around? Does he take his phone with him everywhere he goes and guard it with his life? You know he’s not texting his friends because guys don’t text each other like giddy school girls.

By now, you're finally convinced your man is cheating. But you need proof. Here's your chance to get it.

"See who he's been calling or texting behind your back. It's as easy as typing in a phone number."


Introducing the controversial new website that will blow the lid off his affair. It’s called Phone Number Lookup, and it will help you track down who your man's been calling or texting. You may even uncover images and links to Social Media profiles to give you proof that "Joe from work", is actually "Ashley from Tinder". Like we said, cheaters hate this website.

If you think your man’s got a secret, use this tool right now.

See who he's been calling or texting behind your back. It's as easy as typing in a phone number and he’ll never find out.

Still not sure you're ready for the truth? Check out these telltale signs your man's a cheater. Chances are, he's guilty of all of them.

He's Secretive With His Smartphone

Anyone with a smartphone is spending more time online than ever before. If your man wants to fool around, he's got a million ways to do it--and they're all at his fingertips. Look at his texts and see who and what he's been texting behind your back. You may be surprised at what you find.


sample sexting image

He's Extra Sensitive About Privacy

Cheaters work overtime to cover their tracks. You have to be smarter than them. Look out for new hobbies your man won't tell you about. Or excuses like, "I just need to be alone."

Then use this website to look up calls he's made on his phone. Maybe "Brad from work" is actually a Michelle from Tinder.

He Hits The Gym All The Time

In the past, you've hinted he could lose some belly fat. But he's never listened. Now, out of the blue, he's started hitting the gym hard. What's changed? Him. Because if he wants to cheat, this is his mating season. He's bulking up so he can lure the hottest girls to his bed.

He's Distant

If your man's doting on someone else, he won't be as affectionate toward you. And he'll be moody. He'll get upset over nothing, and he'll blame you for everything. Why does it feel like someone flipped a switch on his emotions? Because your man's got someone on his mind. And it's definitely not you.

Find out who's taking up all his attention.

He Smells Different

Trust your instincts and your senses. If your man smells different, it's because he's spending his time somewhere else. And he's trying to throw you off track.

Maybe he's showering at his side chick's place. Or you're picking up the scent of her perfume. When your gut and your senses tell you something's wrong, listen. Then uncover the truth on this website.

He Deletes Texts

You know you're not the only one he's calling. But you can't prove it. Because the last time you snuck a peek at his phone, the call and text logs were empty. Just wait a couple days, and grab his phone again (sooner or later you'll catch him slipping). When you look up the number, you’ll expose the identity (and address!) of his "special someone."

"you'll expose the identity, address, and possibly even images of his "special someone"."

Let us do the secret sleuthing for you! Look up any number you want. No one will ever find out. Everyone’s eyes wander from time to time. But not everyone strays. Make sure you don’t get caught in a love triangle you never wanted to be part of. With us, you’ll have the upper hand again.

Find out the truth in minutes, before he plays you for a total fool.

Some people may have unlisted phone numbers or may have blocked their information from being reported. While we can't promise that we can track down the name behind every number, seeing that a name is unlisted or blocked can also be valuable information. Plus, our telephone number records are among the most comprehensive and affordable available!

Find Out Who's Been Texting Your Man!

What People Are Saying


I found out that the father of my 4 month old daughter cheated on me 16 times and then he left me and his daughter.

Brooke B.


I caught my ex doing the same things and yes she was cheating with her ex.

Darnell B.


I know someone who spied on his fiancée of 3 yrs - one year before marrying...finds out she's flirting and enamoring someone else and it's all in the text messages.

Martha H.